About No Mad Hens

No Mad Hens is owned and operated by Eli Friedman-Heiman. Eli spent multiple years working with Terry family and learning from Shaun Terry, the farmer of Grateful Pastures Farm. Shaun taught Eli and inspired him to learn more about the pasture raised chicken business. Eli has always been invested in sustainable farming practices and realized quickly that pasture raised chicken farming was what he wanted to pursue. After working and learning from Shaun Eli decided to start his own business, raising healthy chickens using regenerative farming practices. The business, No Mad Hens, focuses on pasture raised eggs using NGMO feed. Eli believes he can meet the growing demand for sustainable, pasture raised eggs and build on the future of regenerative farming.

Eli was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Prior to farming, he’s been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world and pursue many careers and passions. When he’s not farming you can find him having dance parties to his own sounds with his daughter Luna and partner Mae, or in the woods foraging mushrooms.

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